Dory Funk / Funking Conservatory ( Application Form )
Training Facility Location - 2551 SW 57th Avenue Unit 605 Ocala, Florida

For More Information Call Marti Funk - 352-895-4658

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$3000 Paid (One Year)
We train wrestlers, managers, referees, valets and ring announcers. We are accepting deposits and payments for reservations now. Please e-mail / call us before Christmas to book your training program with Dory Funk. We look forward to training with you. Call Marti Funk - 352-895-4658.

Training Starts February 6, 2019  ---

Send deposits to - Dory Funk Jr. P.O. Box 771-702, Ocala, Florida 34477-1702 (Cashiers Check or Money Order)
International Students.



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