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Wrestlemania 2

The Booker for WWF, George Scott, Ricky Steamboat and Dory Funk Jr. at the Mid Atlantic Legends Reunion 18 years after Wrestlemania 2. 

Wrestling Trivia - Wrestlemania 2 was the only Wrestlemania represented by the number 2 as opposed to Roman numerals.

Wrestlemania 2 originated from Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. Terry and I were in Los Angeles.

More Trivia - Marti and my daughter Penny traveled with us to Los Angeles for the show and together for the first time shopped on Rodeo Drive and visited Saks Fifth Avenue and the Gucci store. 

The match was Terry Funk and myself against Tito Santana and The Junkyard Dog. (Tito's real name is Merced Solice and he comes from the same West Texas State University the same university Terry and I played football at.  It is little known in wrestling that Tito was an outstanding receiver for West Texas State University.)

With his reputation as a football player, I could not understand why he would change his name, but why would I ever wrestle as Hoss Funk? 

In Los Angeles, Terry and I were on next to last. The main event was Hulk Hogan against King Kong Bundy. 

Tito and Junkyard Dog were a hot team. Tito being the great worker and Junkyard Dog the character personality. This was the final match for a feud that began with Terry and Junkyard Dog and was enhanced when the Booker, George Scott called and asked if I would come in for WWF and work a program. My first match ever for WWF was at the TV taping in Poughkeepsie where I interfered in a Terry / Junkyard match and beat the Hell out of Junkyard Dog. This began a program that culminated in the Wrestlemania 2 match. 

My time working with WWE was challenging because of the work schedule. (At one stretch we did 46 shows in a row.) At the end of the year I had 38 different state tax returns to fill out. It was also a fun time in my life. The money was good and I was able to travel with my wife Marti and at times bring other family members. 

Being a part of Wrestlemania is an honor, It gives you a unique place in history.  It is like being able to say, "I played in the Super Bowl." It would be nice if in the future WWE would give out Wrestlemania Rings. 

Wrestlemania 2 was one of my biggest paydays as a wrestler.

My thanks to Vince K. McMahon 

Dory Funk Jr.
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