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The Claw - Marti Funk - Dory Funk - Mickie James
Claw, Marti, Dory and Mickie
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108 Videos from the Funking Conservatory

Complete Record of Dory Funk Jr. in St. Louis


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Dory with Dorothy Culver
2/18/1919 - 1/30/2009


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Professional Wrestling in Ocala September 23rd.
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Dory Jr., Bruno Sammartino, J. J. Dillon, Mike Graham, Tully Blanchard and David Flair come to In Demand

Our website features stories, photos and streaming video on the superstars of professional wrestling, many who have trained with Dory Funk Jr. in the Dory Funk Method of professional wrestling. We hope you enjoy your trip through the Official Home Page of Dory Funk Jr. xxx xxs

Special recent additions include Lita, Mickie James, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Andre the Giant, WWE, TNA, and Japanese Pro-wrestling.

Dory Funk Jr. vs RVD

Dory Funk Jr. vs Sabu


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Abdullah the Butcher and Kimala vs Dory Funk Jr. and Nakajima Katsuhiko*

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Professional Wrestling in Ocala, Florida Friday October 18th