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Dory Funk vs Johnny Valentine, Sam Houston Coiseum 1971
Original Painting by Marti's Father.
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Dodgers Pitcher, Hideo Nomo & Dory Funk Jr. has confirmed the following TV taping and PPV event dates for 2007:

TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings: Mon, Jan 8

TNA "Final Resolution" PPV: Sun, Jan 14

TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings: Mon, Jan 15

TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings: Mon, Jan 29

TNA "Against All Odds" PPV: Sun, Feb 11

TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings: Mon, Feb 26

TNA "Destination X" PPV: Sun, Mar 11

TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings: Mon, Mar 12

TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings: Mon, Apr 2

TNA "Lockdown" PPV: Sun, Apr 15

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Photo Show by Marti Funk